Companies with higher level of engagement reports 32% higher scores in individual performance evaluation.


Companies with higher level of engagement report 50% lower turnover rate.


Companies with higher level of engagement announce average 20% increase in annual profit.


Companies with higher level of engagement report 15% higher levels of customer satisfaction.



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Companies that operate, and/or have entities or offices in the country, no matter of their industry and economic sector,...
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Just because we collect feedback from our employees, this doesn’t mean that we measure their engagement. AAA engagement survey covers 18 employees engagement and satisfaction factors and delivers detailed information regarding your employees’ attitude. Once the data and information are collected and processed, we not only ranked companies by their scores, but we provide guidelines for specific measures for improvement, with minimum resources, focused on particular engagement drivers.
We do survey the employee engagement in Bulgaria for more than 7 years and more than 100 organizations trusted us. The surveys’ respondents are more than 20 000 employees. Throughout the years, based on our professional experience, we are observing statistical reliability criteria, which value are classified as "excellent" to guarantee the highest level of survey reliability.
Our team approach you led by the desire to be helpful and useful to you. Our on-line reports are our tool to assist you in more precise and effective way to analyze your results. Our reports and analysis are effective mean to facilitate your business plans and ability to incorporate from one hand the employees expectations based on survey results and from the other hand – the employee individual contribution.