How do we measure – survey technology?

The survey is held via completion of online or hard-copy questionnaires.

The questionnaire for employees contains demographic information and 90 statements, which examine the engagement in different sectors.

For example: „The communication is encouraged in the company” or “I would recommend our company as a nice place to work”.

The statements are confirmed or waived by 5 grade means, from “Fully agreed” to “Fully disagreed”. Survey completion does not require any specific preparation and takes around 30 minutes to fill it in.

For online questionnaires and in order to guarantee the employees’ anonymity and to protect their personal opinion, each employee receives automatically personal username and password.  Digitization of the information from paper copies is done by independent data processing company.

Information about economic sector of company operations and its geographical region is filled in during the registration of the company.

For the report-analysis, HR specialists and the top managers of the company complete questionnaires, describing human resources strategies, policies and practices, and their relation with company business results. In that case, validation of the results is done through requesting and submission of additional information.

The results from the survey are used only for general statistical information for measuring employees’ engagement.

The respondents’ anonymity is fully guaranteed.