What do you receive?

General report

The report is delivered only electronically, and is prepared based on the data for the employees’ engagement levels, obtained from the from the survey questionnaire and consists of following information:

  • Percentages of all answers for each statements, as well as all answers distributed by factors;
  • Company results for all of the statements in the questionnaire and engagement factors related with:
    • the results of the top 3 companies with the highest levels of engagement;
    • average results for the sector;
    • average results for the region;
  • Comparison of the company results by factors for unlimited number of demographic groups by choice.


It represents detailed statistical analysis of the survey results and individual analysis of the company. It consists:

  • Summarized survey data – samples of the significant values and factors, derived from the basic report;
  • Organizational engagement structure (map) – distribution of the actively engaged, fairly engaged (in risk), passively engaged ( indifferent) and actively disengaged employee;
  • Leading engagement factors by value;
  • Average industry results, connected with the main policies for human resources management;
  • SWOT analysis;
  • Recommendations for improvement;

The nation engagement survey will be accompanied with a special print edition, including survey analysis as well. The edition will be realized with ICT Media support and will be published in the beginning of January 2019.

This special print edition will be distributed to ICT Media subscribers and the business subscribers of Capital newspaper.