Why engagement?

Engagement, as seen by some of the leading companies, is:

Dell Inc.: “Engagement: To compete today, companies need to win over the minds and the hearts of employees in ways that lead to extraordinary effort.”

Caterpillar: “Engagement is the extent of employees’ commitment, work effort, and desire to stay in an organization.”

A general concept describes employee engagement as an index and metric for: the levels to which employees are linked emotionally and rationally with their work and the brand; own desire to give extra efforts; loyalty; employee’s aspiration for personal development committed to company success.

Engaged employees:

  • arrive at work ready to give an extra-mile;
  • feel comfortable at the job;
  • obtain productive relationship with their colleagues and managers, based on the idea for mutual success;
  • speak with enthusiasm about the products and achievements of their company;
  • would like to develop and grow in their competencies;
  • demonstrate company values on a daily basis;
  • they do not need control and constant guidelines;
  • they find meaning and goal  in their work;